About the Music - Michael Mortilla

The music for this online project was commissioned from Michael D. Mortilla, who has worked with the UCLA Film & Television Archive since 1988, beginning with his contributions as an accompanist for a long running series of public programs produced for The Silent Society and presented by UCLA. To date, Mortilla has accompanied dozens of screenings and events for the Archive.

Mortilla’s scores for the films presented here are for solo piano, with alternate orchestral and experimental tracks. Several of these scores were derived from Mortilla’s earlier works. For example, in The Lost World Trailer (alternate score) and How Jones Lost His Roll (piano score), the music was extracted “as is” from his previous compositions. In the alternate score for How Jones Lost His Roll, Mortilla revised the existing piano work by adding a solo violin, performed here by Nicole Garcia (www.RabbitSequence.com). In the background for preservationist Jere Guldin’s commentary, Mortilla cross fades between the piano and alternate tracks, providing instant examples of how different scores effect viewers’ perception of the films.

Mortilla’s career as a full-time professional composer started in 1976. His keyboard training began at the age of four when he was taught several piano pieces by family members. He studied orchestral percussion in public school and, after attending the Woodstock Festival in 1969, expanded his skills to include guitar, song writing, piano, and formal composition. Although largely self-taught in composition and orchestration, Mortilla studied piano with Morton Estrin and Avraham Sternklar, thereby tracing his musical lineage back to Liszt, Schubert, Beethoven, Mozart, Salieri, and Haydn. Michael Mortilla can be found online at www.MIDILifeCrisis.com.

All music presented on this site © by Michael D. Mortilla and published by MIDI Life Crisis (BMI).
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